Months of hard work and dedication have led to this moment. The housing community that will cost millions is ready for bids. Now the trick is getting buyers interested in your idea. Here are a few key points of online marketing that can help you spread the word and find success.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

You cannot launch a marketing campaign without identifying the group of people that your product would appeal to the most. First-time home buyers and retirees love housing developments since the homes are new and typically more compact. First-time buyers enjoy the idea of owning a home that has not been occupied by other families. Knowledge of such history makes them feel like all of the memories created in the new home will be their own. Retirees search for the community lifestyle that housing developments offer. There is also a sense of security that comes with gated entry, which is why senior citizens may be more willing to sell the family home for a home in your community. Appealing to buyers with small children is hopeful but not as pressing since parents typically go for traditional homes where the kids can get to know various communities outside of their own.

2. Use Email Campaigning to Your Benefit

Sending out a Facebook blast may benefit Millennials who may take interest in your development but older prospects probably won’t receive notice. Such individuals are still influenced by word-of-mouth and banners that announce the arrival of a new housing community. Email campaigns are also effective for older demographics as mature entrepreneurs still read unsolicited messages. Such marketing tactic is also effective with Millennials as statistics show that 73 percent of individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 prefer communicating by email in business.

The best email marketing campaigns do the following:

  • Increase brand awareness. Readers should have a clear understanding that your development is in the works and will be ready for occupancy in coming months.
  • Be so good that it’s shareable. The words used should be so enticing, and the graphics so amazing, that readers want to share the news with others. They may not be in the market for a new home but perhaps they know someone who is on the hunt. Your emails should compel them to forward the message of a new development to someone else.
  • Have cost effectiveness attached. You want to put your best foot forward but you do not want it to cost as much as the development itself. Email marketing is one of the more economic marketing tactics and, as such, should not clear out your bank account. You should avoid wasting money on consumers outside of your target audience who could care less about a new housing development in the neighborhood. Such individuals will neither read nor share your advertisement.

It is important to note that young adults have shorter attention spans that their older counterparts so an email campaign must be captivating from the start. Graphics are the best way to sell a home. The more pictures that you have, even if they are sketches of plans, the better.

3. Take Advantage of Graphics Online

The greatest realtor will tell you that much of his success can be attributed to great content and outstanding graphics. People like pictures and are often drawn to ads that take the time to tell a story by way of graphics. Showing prospective buyers a layout of the upcoming community and sketches of homes is the better way to convince buyers that your development is right for them.

4. Google AdWords rule

Google consumes 33 percent of the global market in terms of revenue and earns 97 percent of its wealth from its AdWords program. Business owners who invest in a campaign on Google’s marketing platform typically earn $2 for every $1 they spend, which presents the idea of a 200 percent return on efforts. You do well to let Google lead the way in presenting your case to prospective buyers and here’s why:

  • People use keywords when they are searching for something in particular. Your ad is bound to be seen by thousands looking for a brand new home so long as you use the right focus phrases. Keywords like “new homes” and “real estate” are rather vague and should probably be avoided. “Homes for sale” and “gated community living” are a bit more specific and could bring about better results.
  • Those who click on your ad are immediately taken to your website where they can learn more and schedule a tour. It may be wise to create a virtual tour of your prospective community so as to give buyers a better scope of what life would be like of they purchased a home in the community.

In Conclusion: Starting Early is Key

Identifying your audience and having smash hit campaigns means nothing if you wait until the last minute to start marketing your development. Consumers need time to weigh their options when it comes to home buying, which means that more than one ad is required to drive the point home. Start crafting your marketing strategy the moment that you decide to build a new community. Begin spreading the news about homes for sale right after the groundbreaking ceremony so as to present the thought to prospective buyers.

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